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    Custom Programs Require, Solutions and Resources

    Surefox is a veteran-owned business that specializes in providing tailor-made security solutions for its clients. Surefox recognizes that there are no standard answers for security requirements.  Each client has unique concerns, and our experienced team has the ability to design the right solution for you.

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    Celebrities, Entertainers, and World-Stage Producers

    Our company understands that some clients are public figures who require both accessibility and protection. Surefox’s hiring policy ensures that our staff have the experience and professionalism to appropriately react to any security situation. These highly trained individuals are able to maintain the accessibility of our public figure clients, while ensuring world-class safety and security.

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    Complete Worldwide Logistics Support

    By partnering closely with our clients we develop the most efficient and effective transportation solutions for our clients both in the United States and internationally. From private car services to chartered airlines, we are with you every step of the way to ensure our clients arrive safely and on time.

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    Insured Local Providers and Completely Managed

    Surefox provides scalable security planning, sourcing, vetting, and operational management for local market needs. Your cities and events may change but your security partner should remain constant. Our company understands state and international licensing and insurance requirements in the industry.  Furthermore, we employ industry best practices and the knowledge of market rates to deliver the highest quality service while keeping our clients on budget.

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    Managed Security Staffing, Getting Blue & Red Teams

    Surefox hires only proven former military personnel.  With years of experience both penetrating and defending secure facilities, our staff can conduct world-class, third party assessments of your existing security apparatus. Following the assessment, we work hand in hand with your security team to implement solutions and recommendations to better secure your business.

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    Know Before You Go, Guidance By HUMINT

    Human intelligence and source networks are the best methods of preparation. Through first-hand international intelligence and logistic networks Surefox provides the best possible solution for our client base of celebrities, entertainers, and world-stage producers. The Surefox team has extensive experience working nationally, as well as internationally, and utilizes its established networks to offer unparalleled solutions for its clients.

Get the Right Answers

Our staff come from across the spectrum of military service. Their broad range of experience enables Surefox to provide you with a team that is hand-tailored to your needs.

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The World has Changed

In a world where complex security threats exist, standardized security protection is not enough to protect business ventures and high-profile personnel. What is required is the guidance and partnership of a tested consulting firm.

100% Former Military Staff

Veteran owned and operated.  Surefox brings the hard won experience of the nation’s best and brightest soldiers to your business.

Global Reach, Local Presence

Our team has the expertise and networks to provide assessments, strategy, and operational support to mitigate physical risk worldwide.

No Standard Solutions

We specialize in providing tailor-made solutions to fit the individual needs through insured methods of preparation that only come from years of experience.

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With the rise of non state terrorism, secure and insecure areas are constantly shifting all over the world. For its client base of celebrities, entertainers, and world-stage producers, Surefox provides up-to-date recommendations on travel pre-requisites and current threats. If you cannot find what you are looking for, contact us.